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From initially providing an estimating service to main contractors for the glazing industry, back in 1985, the business grew as many main contractors began to ask if we could also provide an estimating service for other trades as well. As a result for over 30 years we have been offering a wide range of services, all orders for which are placed directly with the sub-contractor, supplier or manufacturer, in the normal way. Contract Services simply act in the capacity of an estimating service.

Our decision to begin providing a select group of companies with project information, was very much taken as a result of finding that the core estimating service, although being used extensively by main contractors at tender stage, did not provide sufficient business in itself. It is one thing to provide free estimating but quite another to then secure the sub-contract and there was a need to maintain a regular income to be able to continue to support the main contractors with a tendering service.

Contract Services is providing essential weekly support and information to assist more main contractors, manufacturers, suppliers and sub-contractors to increase their business and limit the amount of time spent on estimating and preparing quotations.

The construction industry, here in the United Kingdom, is running flat out at the moment and every week we see an increasing number of new projects out to tender or secured. We effectively place you in touch with main contractors and provide project information, making it possible for you to decide what projects you wish to action and those that you do not. You will not find that you are constantly being chased for quotations, you simply decide if you want to quote once you see what is involved.

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