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Just imagine receiving live weekly leads in the form of enquiries that are full of details of the project, the people you need to deal with, the products required that you supply, including quantities, types, sizes, specification and drawings where possible. Such a service one would normally only expect to receive from a sales representative working full time to obtain this vital information but even sales representatives find that using our service can free up so much valuable time and make it possible to concentrate their efforts on securing the orders, not the enquiries.

One major hiccup with trade leads is that when you receive yours, so do thousands of other companies and as a result the main contractors and architects are besieged with requests for all manner of information and as they are already very busy attempting to put their tenders together, the last thing they need is their phone ringing off the hook with endless requests for anything from an access panel to a wallboard.

This is where this very special service that we provide comes into its own and shows just how superior it is to any building lead. Without even having to leave your office or pick up your telephone, you can receive all the information that you need right to your desk, week after week, making it possible to provide a quotation or approach to the architect, client or main contractor, fully armed with the right kind of intelligence.

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